Engineering Science appoints Jesus Lizana

1 January 2024

We are pleased to announce that Dr Jesus Lizana will be joining the ZERO Institute in January 2024, an appointment for Engineering Science with the ZERO Institute.

Dr Jesus Lizana’s research is mostly concerned with the cross-disciplinary challenges associated with zero carbon, climate-responsive buildings. His previous work has focused on urban overheating, sustainable cooling, climate change modelling, advanced building simulation, thermal energy storage, energy flexibility, low-carbon energy technologies, indoor air quality, and advanced construction systems.

Jesus supports the interdisciplinary research in the Future of Cooling Programme of the Oxford Martin School.

The ZERO Institute was launched by the Departments of Engineering Science, Materials, and Geography and the Environment in 2022 to bring together leading academics from a range of disciplines to address questions surrounding zero-energy systems and their implementation. It aims to establish Oxford as a centre of research excellence and thought leadership on global and equitable zero-carbon transition and has secured a £3.25m investment from the University’s Strategic Research Fund.